This page is for questions from the contractors to the architect.  All replies will be posted to this page.  If you have any questions or clarifications you need from the architect, please email them to

MMLS is taking bids on modifications to an existing building.  The bid and addendum documents are located below.

Invitation to Bid Document

Addendum to Invitation to Bid Document

Addendum #2a

Bid Proposal Form

Drawings – Power Plan & Fire Alarm Security

INSTRUCTIONS TO BIDDERS – 3.18.2020 re Section 1.14 Insurance Requirement Changes

Addendum No. 3 – 3.20.2020

INSTRUCTIONS TO BIDDERS – 3.23.2020 Allowing Bid Submission by Email


Q1.  Will HVAC equipment be required in the elevator hoist/wayshaft?

A1.  No.

Columbia Office

Jefferson City Office